What a challenge between Biscocrema Pan di Stelle and Nutella Biscuits: the tasting test

Once upon a time there were the last months of 2019 and a real commercial case: Nutella Biscuits . That is the latest Ferrero house product linked to the famous spreadable cream, which has driven the web and the market crazy, not necessarily in this order. And that already begins to boast the first imitations. But if it is true that, according to the conspirators of the web, Nutella branded biscuits are born as a “war” response to the spread of Pan di Stelle flavor, then the war continues.

Because for a few days, after being announced in November, the filled biscuits of the same line arrived on the market: the Biscocrema. Not a novelty, given that since 2007, the year in which the Pan di Stelle biscuits have become an independent brand, the products branded by the white star, a symbol of gluttony, have followed one another with a passion for Italians. How can we forget the “low” calorie snacks, despite the unmistakable cocoa flavor.

But what should we expect once we arrive at the supermarket? “The basis for the success of Pan di Stelle – says Francesco Del Porto, President of the Barilla Group Italy Region – is the passion for the product combined with the evocative power and magic of this brand, which brings everyone back to childhood.

But Pan di Stelle is also attention to the quality of the ingredients, the impact that the supply chains have on the environment and on the communities “. So, first of all, a product” without palm oil “, a factor on which the manufacturer relies heavily, formed from a cocoa biscuit – ça va sans dire – and the Pan di Stelle cream. Unlike Nutella Biscuits, which have invaded the shops with different types of packaging,

it will be sold only in single portions of 28 grams, containing two biscuits, delicate and small in size; a sales solution that wants to wink at a more conscious consumption, or perhaps only at the possibility of putting them in the bag and taking them to the office or school. Different products even if very close in the collective imagination, ready to challenge each other with hits of receipts and social comments, positive or not.

But what can we really expect once we take the first bite and which is the best, if a better one exists? We tried to answer, with our personal test of taste and comparison between both products.