5 Best Winter Escapes In Sydney

Sydney is a great place to discover with its natural beauties, art and history all combined in one place. With the extreme weather in Australia, you can assure yourself that you will be finding the best of the places for both summers and winters. If you are planning your tours for the winter, you might as well put Sydney on your list for it will give you just the right warm feeling you crave in those cold winds. Here are a few places that might get you excited for the winter vacations.

Mona farm

This amazing farm is located only at a three hour drive from Sydney. It is a conflation of a natural beauty and an art gallery which is not something you would find in many cities. It has the most beautiful view with trees and acres of land spreading from the lavish accommodation that holds room for about 10 people. The sculptures are present throughout the lands and gardens ranging to upto 20 sculptures in total.

The byron

If you are looking for a resort and spa, this is the place that you want to add in the tours you are planning. It is a cosy little place that is just perfect for the winters, having a complimentary movie and popcorn at night followed by a comfortable sleep in the soft beds. You will wake up to a delicious buffet and yoga.

Cabin at kangaroo valley

This cabin is a bot off-grid but is the perfect spot for the few friends or family you plan to stay with for a private yet cosy affair. A warm cabin with a king sized bed, cozy kitchen, glass doors, installed heater and a relaxing pool outdoors with a view of a natural park ranging from different animals is just what you need this winter.

Lake crackenback

A magnificent resort that is covered in the white blankets of snow and home to many warm services that you would want to soak yourself in with the cold winds outside, should be added in your list of tours. It offers the beautiful views of the soothing lake and the great big mountains reaching the top. Moreover, they have a ski closet within the resort where you can help yourself to an adventure in the snow.

Primus Hotel

If you are looking for something fancy for the plan of sydney harbour boat tours in Sydney, then you should opt for this luxury five-star hotel situated in the city. It has one of the best services in town ranging from deliciou buffets, valet service and complimentary internet. It is the perfect hibernation spot to get yourself spoiled from the glorious services offered by the hotel.