Horseshoe biscuits with dark chocolate tips

Among the Christmas sweets of the Apulian tradition there are also horseshoe biscuits with dark chocolate tips. Horseshoes are actually simple and easy-to-make biscuits, which we now find in bars and pastry shops all year round, but during the Christmas period, enthusiasts, who make homemade desserts, also try their hand at making these biscuits by playing with the molds and then alternating stars with saplings or white-winged angels to then “dirty” a part of biscuits with chocolate.

We work the cold butter of the fridge with our hands so as to roughly break it and gradually add the icing sugar. We mix well and add the egg (the whole one), mix and then also add the yolk.

We take the vanilla seeds from the berry (my grandmother, however, only used the bag of vanillin) and add them to the mixture.
We also insert the flour and starch and as soon as we obtain a homogeneous mixture we cover and leave aside. Meanwhile, prepare some sheets of parchment paper and heat the oven to 170 degrees in ventilated mode.

We spread the dough on a surface and take small quantities of dough, stretch it loaf (as if it were a breadstick) and at this point we fold it just giving a horseshoe shape.

With a knife we ​​cut the tips so as to make our horseshoe perfect in closing (or at least we try)